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Thanks for your interest in Troop 94! For more than 25 years, Troop 94 has provided the benefits of the Scouting program for boys and adults. Our philosophy is that the a Troop should be boy-led and adult-supported; that leadership is learned through experience and coaching; and that adult participation in Scouting significantly improves a boy's experience and supports his personal growth. 

We are a multi-year Gold level award winner in the BSA Journey To Excellence program, the home birthplace of dozens of Eagle Scouts over the last two decades, and are active campers, hikers, and servant leaders. 

Our Troop 101

Is Troop 94 for my scout?  We think all the troops in our area are great, but each one has its own personality and you and your scout should spend time with prospective troops to see if they are a match for the scout and your family. Things to know about Troop 94: 
  • We are an active troop with a focus on service and camping, with at least one of these activities every month.  We meet every Monday from 7:00-8:30pm as a Troop, and our Patrol Leadership Council and Troop Committee meet once per month.
  • Dues are $8/month and expenses for campouts are typically $25 for regular events, and increase for more elaborate activities. Scholarships are available if needed.
  • We fund-raise twice per year with the national Popcorn sale and a Troop BBQ sale in the spring; a portion of the proceeds from both goes into individual Scout accounts that can be used to pay for dues, campouts (including summer camp) or equipment.  Occasionally there are also individual fundraisers to help defer costs for Eagle Projects or High Adventure Campouts.    
  • We organize our new Scouts into their own patrol mentored by a Troop Guide (an older Scout) and dedicated Assistant Scout Master (ASM).
  • We recognize and encourage Scout involvement in other activities and do not view Scout advancement as a race.
  • We have a robust Eagle Scout Honor Roll with over 25 years of experience in guiding youth to the pinnacle of Scouting.
What kind of activities does the Troop do?  A key thing to know about our activities is that the Scouts plan everything they do at an annual planning meeting held in late summer. All Scouts who have attained the First Class rank vote (younger scouts observe) on events and develop an annual plan. While the dates sometimes shift slightly, we stick to the annual plan established by the boys as the basis for our program. Adults volunteer to organize the events, working with a Scout POC (note: lots of events means we need lots of adult help!). Some campouts are favorites and happen every year; other events shift depending on the interests of the group and their desire to try something new. In addition, we have numerous Eagle Scout project service opportunities in addition to our standing Adopt-A-Spot road clean up and other scout service opportunities (like helping our sister Cub Scout Pack at Christ the King, Scouting for Food, etc.). 
What is the Troop's philosophy for adult volunteers? We have a history of having more adults registered in the Troop than Scouts. There is a strong correlation between involved parents and scouts who make Eagle Scout - this is the single most important thing a parent can do to help their scout reach the pinnacle of Scouting.  Our large adult volunteer group also helps spread the considerable load in running a Troop among many hands; we coordinate this work at monthly (snack potluck) Committee meetings. We have fun serving Scouts together, and welcome newcomers to join us! Adults can register with BSA as a member of our Troop Committee, or manage/participate in most events except campouts as a non-registered adult.
How will my scout advance? Scouting is provides an opportunity for our youth to demonstrate initiative and responsibility, and we do not push or spoon feed advancement requirements. The scouts learn by observing the older boys advancing and asking questions, and their Troop Guide and ASM monitors progress to make sure each scout is engaging at their own pace. The main thing to know is that all the rank requirements are in your Scout's Handbook, and they need to know what they need to do (and be able to talk about it when they have completed a requirement) and initiate a discussion with any scout above the rank of 1st Class to get requirements signed off. Whenever they have questions, they should talk to their Troop Guide whose job it is to coach new scouts. New scouts can work on the ranks of Scout, Tenderfoot, 2nd Class and 1st Class at the same time - so it would be good for new scouts to familiarize themselves with all of these ranks. For the higher ranks, scouts need to earn Merit Badges but they can begin working on them at any time; scouts interested in specific Merit Badges are encouraged to discuss their interest with the Scoutmaster at any time to get started. As they mature in scouts (and in life), they will know that they have earned their advancements through their own initiative, making it a very meaningful accomplishment to earn their place on our Eagle Scout Honor Roll.
Will my scout learn leadership skills? In order to advance to Eagle, scouts in the First Class rank and above must volunteer for leadership positions. Troop 94 has elections in October and April for the Senior Patrol Leader and Patrol Leaders. Other leadership positions such as Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders, Troop Guide, Scribe, Historian, Den Chief, Librarian, Quartermaster ,Chaplain's Aide, and Order of the Arrow Representative are appointed afterward by the Senior Patrol Leader. Scouts who take on a leadership position are provided training at Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST).
What about summer camp?  We actively organize participation in summer camp every year, but we vary the location to have a variety of options/activities. It is important to know that summer camp is entirely optional, but highly encouraged for your scout's growth and confidence. Also, for Scouts who have other sports and clubs during the school year that require them to miss some campouts or meetings, summer camp can be a great 1-week intensive opportunity to earn merit badges and rank advancement requirements. Every few years, we typically organize a high adventure opportunity for older Scouts, and have had groups attend Philmont, Sea Base, and Northern Tier. Since this can be expensive, we alternate these years with camps that are closer and cheaper to help families manage. It is also worth noting that Scouts can actively fund-raise with a portion of the proceeds going to their scout accounts to cover expenses.

How are scouts recognized for their achievements? Troop 94 holds a Court of Honor four times a year - March, June, Sept and Dec.  All Scouts and parents are invited to attend these events to honor the Scouts and Scouters who work so hard throughout the year to earn advancements, merit badges and other awards. We generally hold a pot luck celebration afterward where all our families celebrate together.

Does Troop 94 encourage participation in Order of the Arrow? The Order of the Arrow (OA) is an honor camper Brotherhood chartered by the Boy Scouts of America. Its purpose is to recognize and honor those campers who best live up to the Scout Oath or Promise and Scout Law in their daily lives and to guide them in expanding the service that has made them outstanding.  Scouts in Troop 94 actively participate in OA and we have several active scouts and adult leaders at an given time.

Troop Meetings

Mondays 7:00-8:30pm

Christ the King Episcopal Church

4109 Big Bethel Rd, Yorktown

Adult POCs


 Spencer Ellingsworth



Committee Chair:

 Kevin Marlowe



New Member Coordinator:

 Gigi Neiman




 Jill Marlowe



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